Ground Source Heat Pumps in Manchester


Safe-Fix Facilities Services specialise in services for ground source heat pumps in Manchester and throughout the North West. We are a group of experienced heat pump installers in Manchester and heating engineers with a passion for renewable energy. Our group of heat pump installers hold a range of different accreditation and certifications.

Our residential and commercial heat pump services, products and solutions in Manchester are cost effective and we draw on the wealth of experience and knowledge of our installers to meet the specific requirements of our customers.

What is a Heat Pump?


A heat pump is a device that is designed to use a refrigeration cycle to effectively transform low-temperature energy into higher-temperature energy. Ground source heating system heat pumps are up to four times more energy efficient than the most efficient oil and gas boilers. These devices move heat that already exists rather than producing emissions that contribute to global warming through producing emissions caused by burning a fuel.

Ground Source Heating Systems


Ground source heating systems are electrically powered and work by tapping the natural heat that is stored in the earth to heat your home. In addition to heating your home, a heat pump in Manchester can also cool your home during the summer months, as well as heating your swimming pool and your domestic hot water.

How Does a Heat Pump Work?


Heat pumps move energy from one place to another, similar to the way your fridge works. A ground source heating system transfers heat from where it is stored in the earth, into your home.

How Does The Heat Pump System Transfer Heat From Your Garden Into Your Home?


The system extracts this heat from the earth using, for example, a ground loop. This is a continuous closed loop made of a special kind of piping that is buried in the ground, in your garden. As water circulates through these underground pipes, it absorbs the heat from the earth surrounding the pipe. A heat pump inside your home is connected to this ground loop; and as the water reaches your home, the ground source pump transfers the heat from the water into your heating circuit for renewable heat.

Are Ground Source Heat Pumps Efficient?


If you have an electrically heated home in the UK, if these units are installed, based upon figures that were obtained from the Energy Saving Trust, these ground source heat pumps could actually help save £870 every single year on heating bills as well as prevent the release of 6 tonnes of carbon dioxide throughout the year. This savings will of course vary depending upon what type of fuel is actually being replaced.

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